The moment the telephone was invented the lives of people changed in a big way. In the past, communication could only happen by physically meeting someone or writing a letter to them. Getting to someone that is far from you would be a big challenge and a letter also takes long to get to the recipient.  Letters may also get lost as they are travelling across the world. Telephones however give you the convenience of having live conversation with anybody whenever you feel the need to. The biggest benefit of the phone is fact that you get immediate response to your inquisitions.



Phones however do have some forms of limitations. The limitations become reality when you cannot be reached through the phones. Landline telephones have this disadvantage because you can only be reached if you are where the phone is located. The mobile phones solve this challenge because you can walk with them wherever you go. But even with the mobile phone you can be unreachable if you go to places without network coverage. Your handset may also run out of power. Becoming unreachable over the phone is a major concern for many people and businesses. You will want to people to know that even though they are trying to get to you they can try at a later time. They may as well leave you a message that you will get later. Get more facts about VoIP at


A Business Answering Service takes care of most of these problems. You can get an automated response directing your callers on how to proceed if they can't get in touch with you. This way you assure your callers that it you they are calling and they can leave you a message.


Businesses benefit the most from call answering services. Doctors answering services enable doctors to have a system of communicating with their patients without them having to physically answer the phone. This is important because patients can become very frustrated when looking for help from the doctors and find that they cant.



Business Answering Service also give you the choice of having the service provider answer all your incoming calls and directing them to the appropriate recipients. If you are not in then the service provider call also take messages which they relay to you later. This means that you don't get interruptions by incoming calls when working on something important. You also don't have to deal with the pressure of answering all calls if the nature of your job has a lot of calls.